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Radiant structures
Radiant structures describes Buying, selling, and renting real estate property. The basics steps for real estate marketing.
Define your goals.Clarify your goals and specify the future of your business. The main reason behind this is to establish goals to clarify exactly what you want and how to make that happen. The best goals you can set for yourself are SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
Logically set up a marketing system to achieve your goals.They take the action required to achieve them.
Find a targeted market.This is a group of people who have a specific want or need for your product or service and are willing and have the ability to buy your product or service.
Segment your market. Marketers have learned they need better methods for reaching consumers, so they’ve turned to segmenting markets to better understand how their clients and customers behave. A market segment is a subgroup of people within your market that share common characteristics that make them identifiable.

Set yourself apart from others.You need something that will make your prospective customers notice – and that will influence and motivate them. To be meaningful, your differentiating factor must be in line with your strengths.
Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP should be based on your strengths, passions, talents and skills. It should include:
Who your target audience is
What you’ll do for them
Why, that’s different from what others are offering
Why that solution matters to your target audience

Arm your prospects with valuable information that will confirm to them that using your services will provide enjoyment, not pain.Educate your targeted prospects with information that aids them through to the buying process. Your marketing process will work best to attract new clients when it is in parallel with your prospects’ buying process. This means that each communication you have with prospects should encourage them to take the next step in their buying process.
Maximize referrals.These are a very reliable source for prospects and clients. They are the cheapest to acquire and, generally, make the best clients because they are more loyal and tend not to second-guess you. For getting maximum number of referrals you should keep in mind the following point:
Which past clients have sent you referrals? How can you thank them? Keep in touch!
Which business partners have sent you referrals? How can you thank them? Keep in touch!
Who is likely to send you referrals, but hasn’t yet? How can you find and recruit them?

Automate as much as possible to free up your most valuable asset – TIME. Put yourself on a deadline and close those sales to meet your goals.
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