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Furniture essentials required for new home

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams”. The statement, indeed, holds true! However, creativity is required to transform it from a house to a ‘home’. And what could be better than creativity in the form useful yet awe-inspiring pieces of furniture!

Be it is a snug studio apartment or a lavish flat, the use of right kind of furniture makes a huge difference. The options are endless from basic tables and chairs to the most extravagant beds and nightstands. The challenge is to pick the right piece for that perfect look. Industry experts like ‘Radiant Structures’ have outshined in assisting home-owners in doing the same, for years now.

So if you are also planning to set up a new abode or wishing to refurbish an existing one, read on to know about the furnishing essentials that you can invest in.

Being the most personal space of the house, a Bedroom must be comfortable and pleasant. The basic furniture set of any bedroom, therefore, must include:

Bed: An aptly-sized bed with classy headboard, footboard and frame, either made of wood or metal, can work wonders. You can make a choice from general available sizes like full, twin, queen, king, and California king.

Cabinet: A versatile cabinet with multiple horizontal shelving and vertical hanging options is an absolute necessity. Select the one that does not look out of place and complements the room’s existing furniture and décor.

Vanity: A vanity with multiple drawers is vital for an organized keeping of grooming and personal care products. Often, it has a mirror attached to it and comes with a matching little stool.

Mirror: A tastefully-designed mirror adds a perfect touch of glamour. Simply set up a huge mirror if the room is compact and make it appear spacious.

Additional Pieces: An elegant upholstered bench, a slender pedestal table and a graceful nightstand are some additional options.

Apart from the bedroom, Living Room is the most-accessed and relaxing space in any house. A welcoming and comfortable living area must have furniture arrangements like:

Sofa: What could be more relaxing than plunging into a fluffy and comfy sofa after a long day at work? A great-looking sofa set with soft and cozy upholstery is what you must look for.

Center Table: Choose from a sturdy center table, a finely-detailed coffee table or a comfy upholstered ottoman for a refined and neat look.

TV Rack: A robust TV rack with multiple dividers is perfect for uncluttered arrangement of TV and entertainment accessories. Pick the one that comes with hidden storage space for remotes, shoes, magazines, etc.

Extras: Pieces like side chairs, stackable stools and low-height tables are great for adding some additional comfort and practicality.

An in-house eatery, Kitchen, is the favorite go-to space of the house at all times. It should be equipped with basic amenities like:

Kitchen Cabinets: Always choose cabinets with multiple drawers and properly segregated shelves. This will help in neat storage and easy access of everyday kitchen essentials.

Countertop: Most overlooked, a kitchen countertop must be chosen carefully as it has to endure all the chopping, cutting and cooking every day. It is advised to select the one that is sturdy and easy-to-clean.

Dining or Bar Accessories: Kitchen can also be extended into dining area or in-house bar if desired. Simply add a compact dining table with matching chairs or a sleek bar counter with a few comfy high seats.

Furnishing a home is an exciting task yet it involves a lot of effort and time. Therefore, seeking professional services to adorn your house with just-the-right things is a great option. All you need to do is simply get in touch with us and we will help you in finding the house of your dreams. Being one of the Best Real Estate Service Providers in India, Radiant Structures offers great deals for fully-furnished Apartments for Sale in Bangalore. To know more, visit

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