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Benefits of Interior and Exterior Green Walls

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Also known as a bio wall, painting a wall green gives a self-sufficient garden-effect, which grows vertically. This color can be applied to both on the exterior or interior of a building. In addition to the magnificent scenery, wall gardens have several outdoor and indoor benefits that make them a preferred choice.

Outdoor Benefits of Green Walls:

Srinivas Reddy, Owner Radiant Structures Projects, explains, “Applications of green color may differ in size depending upon the desired impact, budget and space availability.” Some of the benefits of outdoor green walls include:

  • Visual appeal

Green color can turn a dull and lackluster house into an appealing and welcoming home, and leave an immediate "wow" effect.

  • Lessen noise pollution

Green walls not only make the structures more visually appealing, but they absorb noises. They help in reducing the high frequency noises by absorbing and inversing any noise that hits the surface.

  • Increase biodiversity in cities

These walls help alleviate the loss of biodiversity because of the unconstructive effects of urbanization.

Indoor Benefits of Green Walls:

Indoor green walls applications are commonly used in retail, residential, and office buildings all around the world. Some of the indoor benefits of green walls include:

  • Improved air quality

Green walls serve as a natural air filter and purify the contaminated air, while releasing a great amount of fresh oxygen.

  • Stress reduction and mental health benefits

They instantly release your stress by toning down the surroundings. In fact, when applied on office buildings, green walls tend to enhance employee productivity and overall health. This is because fresh air leads to better concentration, healthier employees/staff, and lesser sick days.

  • Temperature regulation

They also function as natural air conditioners and help in stabilizing the humidity levels inside the building. Additionally, they help reduce the amount of heat that penetrates buildings. Hence, the green walls can help save on cooling expenses such as air conditioning.

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